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Tom Cruise is one of the most famous Hollywood stars. The Movie series “Mission Impossible” made impossible things possible in his life and added high rise to his stardom. Ethan Hunt (the name of Tom Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible) became the most known name of the nineties. The life story of Tom Cruise is very interesting. You will be surprised to know that the heartbeat of millions wanted to become a pastor in his early life by performing this.

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Tom Cruise Early life & days of struggle

Tom Cruise – Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born on July 3, 1962, in the Syracuse area of ​​New York. Mother Mary Lee affectionately called him Tom. Tom’s mother was a good actress and teacher. Father Thomas Cruise Mapother was an engineer by profession. Tom was the only brother of his three sisters.

Tom Cruise had a very chaotic childhood. In terms of studies, it can be called terrible for Tom. In fact, he was suffering from a disease called dyslexia. Due to dyslexia, he had a lot of difficulty in reading and writing. Tom Cruise was never a good student.

Along with this, due to the temporary job of the father and frequent change of place, the right amount was also fulfilled. When the father got a job in the Canadian Armed Forces, the family had to move to Ontario, Canada.

Tom cruise’s chaotic early life & disease

In addition to Ottawa, the family moved to places such as Louisville, Kentucky, Illinois, Wayne, and New Jersey during their commute. During his studies, Tom changed eight elementary and three high schools. Tom Cruise tried to tell his father many times that he did not understand things and in the end he did not feel like studying but father always used to work with the same thing. They felt that their worthless boy did not want to study and made excuses.

Tom cruise’s bad relations with his father

Tom would have been hurt by his father’s behavior, and perhaps even hatred had grown in his mind. Dyslexia ruined her entire childhood. Tom Cruise was also growing up with his sisters. Father was a very strict and angry person. During one of his interviews, this Hollywood star had mentioned his father and said that he was angry and cowardly. He believed that all problems could be solved by fighting.

The worst part was that they never acknowledged Tom’s suffering from dyslexia and that he was a weak student. In these circumstances, he had to be a victim of the atrocities of his father again and again. Mother and sisters were the source of love. This tragedy deeply entwined Tom with his sisters.

He said that if his bus runs, he will spend every moment of his life with his sisters. It was becoming increasingly difficult for the family to live with the father in these bad circumstances and finally the time came when mother Mary decided to separate. Tom Cruise was only twelve years old at the time.

By this time his distance from his father had increased to such an extent that he dropped his father’s name from his name. Due to various reasons, he had to face humiliation from his classmates in school as well. Time was getting worse and worse.

More & More crises in Tom Cruise’s life at early age

Tom’s Mother did not even have money and getting a job so early was not an easy task. In such a situation, Tom took the responsibility of the house on his shoulders. Although his shoulders were not yet fully prepared to take up the responsibility of the whole house, but time teaches everything.

A newspaperman needed a boy to distribute the newspaper and Tom grabbed this opportunity without delay. Eventually, bread was arranged in the house. Life was going to teach Tom a lot at a very young age. Mother Mary soon married a second time.

Tom Cruise was a great player of floor hockey & wrestling

It was a difficult task to accept another person in place of the father. Tom, who was weak in studies, was very smart in sports and was a brilliant player of floor hockey who did not even give his opponents a chance to breathe. He was also brilliant in wrestling.

For a time he also tried his feet at football but was caught drinking beer just before a match. He was dropped from the team. He wanted to be a good athlete but luck had something else in his favor. Tom badly injured his knee during a match and had to say goodbye to floor hockey and wrestling forever.

Desperate Tom Cruise decided to leave the world to become a priest, and at the age of fourteen he began training as a pastor at the Franciscan Seminary, Cincinnati, but fate had other plans. Tom quickly got tired of all this. He felt that he was not made for this job.

Tom Cruise’s debut in cinema

This blue-eyed boy has decided to return to the world. Crew started studying again. In 1980 he graduated from Glen Ridge High School, New Jersey. Life started running on track.

Henry Monroe gave a new turn to Tom’s life. It was one of those people who recognized the potential of acting in this five-foot-seven-inch boy in the early hours of the day. Henry inspired her to act in plays. Tom Cruise began working under the tutelage of George Stenberg.

Tom cruise’s first play

Tom received an award for his performance in his very first play. The play was widely praised and he also got an opportunity to work on local television in Ottawa. His next play was soon revealed to the public – “Jesus Christ Super Star”.

Mother Mary also tried her hand in acting but she did not get success, then she tried to fulfill her dream with Tom’s eyes. Even in difficult times, she admired Tom Cruise’s acting talent and motivated him to always do well. Even after coming to high school, Tom continued his acting and focused his attention on it after he was taken away from wrestling due to a knee injury.

Tom Cruise’s First Drama

Tom’s first drama in high school was “Guys and Dolls”. The play was widely praised and Tom’s praises began to pour in. After this performance, Tom began to take his acting talent seriously. A great actor was born. That era of Hollywood was giving place to only two types of actors.

While on one hand there were well known actors like Marilyn Brando, on the other hand action actors dominated the scene. Finding possibilities in the middle of this for a simple young man of five feet seven inches was certainly a difficult task, but Tom had full faith in himself.

He set a time limit of ten years to make a career in the field of acting. He decided that if he could not make any mark in the acting world in the next ten years, he would leave it and do something else. He dropped out of school and headed to New York, and the audition after audition struggle began.

While walking around the studio, Tom dreamed that one day he would be a well-known name in the industry. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise got a chance to work with Sean Penn in 1981’s Military School Drama Tapes. She got a small role in this but the beginning had already started.

In the same year, he got a big film in his hands, Endless Love. A big name like Brooke Shields was associated with the film. Although his role was not very strong. After that Tom took a year without any work. It seemed that his film career was going to be reduced to just two minor roles.

Tom Cruise Success

1983 was going to bring a lot of good for him. Francis Ford Coppla was making a movie, The Outsiders. Tom was also invited to play a part in it. He gladly grabbed the opportunity. She was co-starring in the film with Rob Law, Mate Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Ralph Macchio.

Tom’s work with the film was also highly appreciated. Another film came out in the same year, Lucene It. It was a comedy drama and in this film Tom changed the opinion of critics for himself that he could not do comedy. Even after all this, Tom was still deprived of success.

He was still far from the stardom he used to dream of. That’s when she got the offer of the lead role in the action drama Risky Business and it rocked the box office when it released. The role played by Cruise brought about a revolutionary change in the eighties.

Tom finally got his chance to step on his way to stardom. The film was dubbed a Generation X classic, and a new star by the name of Tom Cruise began to shine in the skies of Hollywood. Cruise’s fourth film also hit the screens in 1983. The story of the film revolved around a school football team. Although All the Right Moves did not do any good on screen, Tom’s performance was praised.

In 1985, Tom Ridley brought the Scott-directed legend to the audience. The film, full of mystery thriller, got a good response from the audience. Cruise was now in a position to give his opinion on the scripts of the films and do films of his choice. He had a plethora of offers. Meanwhile, Jerry and Tom Simpson came to him with a film offer. The story was about an American pilot.

Tom Cruise latest movie – Top gun: maverick

At first he flatly refused to act in it, but after a flight with the Blue Angels, Tom decided to act in the film, but this was the first time that he was making substantial improvements to the film’s script.

After many suggestions and efforts, it came in front of people in the name of Top Gun. Top Gun created panic and went on to become the highest-grossing film of the year.

The whole world earned $354 million and people were going crazy about Tom. In the same year i.e. 1986, Paul Newman was supporting Tom in another film, The Color of Money. The film was highly appreciated by critics and Paul Newman was also awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor. In terms of acting, it can be considered one of Tom’s best films.

In 1988, Tom appeared in public with a light-hearted film Cocktail. The film was liked by the audience but the film critics washed it away and he was criticized in the newspapers. He also received a Reggie Award nomination for his role in the same film.

Bad days

It was not a good year for Tom in terms of acting, and for the next year Tom Cruise was missing from any notable film. Then came Rain Man. The film was directed by Barry Levinson and also starred Dustin Hoffman with Cruise. Cruise was once again in his full swing and the film was well received by both the audience and the critics.

The critics who were criticizing him till now have closed their mouths. The film was nominated in eight Oscar categories and won four of them. Dustin Hoffman kisses the Oscar statuette for Best Actor. It also won the award for the best film of the year. Cruise’s run of success continued the following year as well.

She was nominated for an Academy Award for her strong role in Born on the Fourth July, directed by Oliver Stone. In this film, he played the role of anti-war activist Ron Kovic and breathed life into it.

It was only in 1990 that Tom played a flamboyant rider Cole Trickle in Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder, and in those days the character emerged as a youth icon and spread across America and Europe. Tom Cruise had now become the undisputed serious star of Hollywood’s sky (the brightest star in the sky).

Cruise’s next film was Far and Away with Ron Howard. Nicole Kidman was supporting her in this. After the success of Days of Thunder, he appeared in front of the audience with a military action thriller. She was also accompanied by Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore in A Few Good Man.

The film also garnered success and Tom was nominated for a Golden Globe and an MTV Award. Tom Cruise was now becoming synonymous with success. Hollywood was amazed. Every producer and director wanted to take this actor on the chariot of success in their film, but Tom was now working in select films only.

Jane Heckman and Ed Harris were working together in Sydney Pollock’s The Firm. The story of this film was based on the bestselling novel by John Grisham and as always, this film also set the flag of success. It won the People’s Choice Award for Best Film. Tom also proved himself as an actor in this film.

After this, in Neil Jordan’s film Interview with the Empire, Tom forced the audience to scream in suspense and fear. This haunting film was based on Ann Rice’s best-selling novel. Brad Peet, Antonio Brandes and Christian Slater were playing important roles in it.

The startdom

After so much success, speculations were being started about how far one could go. Tom Cruise was compared to the popularity of the great stars of his time, but the impossible was yet to come that would give the actor a global recognition. Tom Cruise knew his market value and so decided to make his own film, and producer Tom, along with Brian De Palma, began working on a plan.

He was going to get global recognition from Mission Impossible. The film started attracting the audience from day one and broke all the old records by earning $ 456 million worldwide. The film was based on a TV series that aired in the sixties and was now synonymous with Tom Cruise. In the same year, he also tried his hand in a comedy film. He made people laugh a lot in Jerry McGuire.

He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his role. The film was nominated in a total of five categories. A dialogue show Me the Money from the same film became so famous that it captured the tongue of every man. Eyes wide shut work started in 1999 but it took more than two years to complete it.

It was Tom’s last film with his wife and actress Nicole Kidman. Prohibition topics were discussed in the film and controversy started as soon as it was released. Tom faced a lot of criticism but didn’t care and played a similarly controversial character in the next film, Magnolia, letting everyone know that no one can stop him from doing what he wants to do.

He was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his role in the same film. Another of her films came with Arnold Schwarzenegger – End of Days. The eyes of the audience were blinded by the glow of two of Hollywood’s most popular stars.

Tom started the new century with his most popular character, Ethan Hunt. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible has once again come to blow his teeth under his fingers and thrill his fans. This time the direction of direction was given to John Woo, the famous director of Hong Kong films. Without any doubt, this time too the film shook the box office.

It broke its old record by collecting $547 million from all over the world. Like its predecessors, it turned out to be the third highest grossing film of the year. Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz starred in Vanilla Sky as Tom. The film was highly praised by the critics and the audience also gave a good response.

Another notable film from Tom came under the direction of Steven Spielberg, Minority Report. It was based on a science fiction story and was particularly well received by children. This film also made Tom Cruise a favorite of children. He then continued his run of success in The Last Samurai.

Tom Cruise : The bad guy

In 2004, Tom tried to give his fans something new to play, leaving behind his usual good boy image and playing the role of a murderer, the film was titled Collateral. The audience accepted him with full enthusiasm even in the gray shade. Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg reunited in 2005. The name of the project was War of the Worlds.

This film created new records of success and earned $591 million from all over the world. However, even after this global success, the film received three Reggie nominations, including one for Tom’s performance. In 2006, Ethan Hunt once again appeared in front of the audience and Mission Impossible 3 set an impossible record and earned 400 million at the box office, repeating its previous successes.

Tom was riding the horse of success but the upcoming film Lions for Lambs turned the horse upside down and the film didn’t even ask for water at the box office. It was Cruise’s first film in the last 21 years to not cross the 100 million mark. In 2008, Cruise appeared in Tropic Thunder alongside Ben Steeler and Jack Black and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his outstanding performance.

Velkayari, which came in the same year, also got a mixed response from the audience and critics. In 1993, Tom co-founded a production company with his agent, Paul Wegner. Renamed- Cruise/Wegner Productions. This company produced many of Cruise’s films. It started with Mission Impossible which was also Cruise’s first project as a producer.

Cruise was also awarded the Nova Award along with Wegener for this project. This award is given to the highest earning construction companies. He was also awarded the L’Oreal Award for the same film. His next project as a producer was Without Limits. The film was based on the life of American sprinter Steve Prefontaine.

In addition, as a producer, Tom starred in all the Mission Impossible sequels, The Others, Vanilla Sky, Hell, Hitting It Hard and Shattered Glass, The Last Samurai, Suspect Zero, Elizabeth Town and Ask the Dust. Hollywood economist Edward J. Epstein has named Tom as one of the few producers whose films are sure to do million-dollar business.

The group also includes producers and directors such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Tom suffered a major setback financially in 2006 when Paramount Pictures announced he was severing his 14-year relationship with Tom Cruise.

The reason for this was said to be the behavior of Cruise, but according to experts, the main reason was attributed to the mathematics of profit from the DVD sale of Mission Impossible between Paramount and Cruise/Wegner Productions.

Family life of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Miami Rogers and Cruise decided to get married on 9 May 1987 and divorced on 4 February 1990. It was Rogers that caused Cruise to come into contact with Scientology and become favored by his bodybuilders.

This religion Ron Hubert who was a writer by profession. Tom’s relationship with the Miami Rogers did not last long and the couple parted ways after three years. In the same year, Cruise was working in Days of Thunder. Nicole Kidman was supporting her as an actress in this film.

Although the film was neither liked by the audience nor the critics, Cruise and Kidman fell in love and tied the knot on Christmas Eve this year after a very short courtship. Tom and Kidman adopted two children, Isabel Jane and Conor Antoine. Their relationship lasted for a long time and in 2001, both of them decided to separate from each other.

The reason for the separation of the two was shown a lot in the newspapers and the media, but both kept silent on this matter. Nicole was pregnant at the time of the divorce but she miscarried after the divorce. After this, Tom wore a loner for some time and there was no talk about his next marriage for three years, but Tom and actress Penelope Cruz began to grow closer while working on Vanilla Sky.

They started appearing together in many programs. Gossip magazines began to speculate about her, and there was speculation that Penelope might be Cruise’s next wife, but the couple announced their breakup in 2004, denying all possibilities. Cruise failed once again in the matter of love. For a year after the breakup, Tom’s name was occasionally linked with someone, but all of those things turned out to be mere rumors and Tom’s inner life was questioned in the corridors of Hollywood.

Many people even started considering him as a male lover, who has no interest in women. That’s when love sprouted between Cruise and newcomer Katie Holmes. The two began to mingle and appear as a couple at public functions together. Meanwhile, Tom has done something that every girlfriend wants to do with her boyfriend.

Cruise proposed marriage to Katie in a filmy manner at a restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The next day this news became the headline in the newspapers. Katie and Tom had become the most adorable couple in the world. In the meantime, a funny episode happened regarding the love affair of both of them. Tom was talking about his and Katie’s love on the Oprah Winfrey Show when suddenly he jumped off the couch and got down on his knees in front of Oprah. Actually this is how he was showing his love for Katie.

Once, the show’s director Oprah Winfrey was also stunned. Cruise’s behavior was widely criticized in the newspapers. Soon both of them got married and a year later, a song named Suri started resonating in their house. Suri is a Hebrew word meaning princess. In Persian, this word means red rose.

Achievements and Prizes of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s achievements: People magazine ranked Tom Cruise among the fifty most beautiful people in the world in 1990, 1991 and 1997. In 1995, Empire magazine named her one of the 100 most beautiful people in the world.

He is considered one of the brightest five stars in Hollywood. In 2002 and 2003, the premiere ranked him twentieth among the 100 most powerful people in the world. In 2006, the premiere recognized her as Hollywood’s Most Powerful Star. In the same year, Tom topped the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities released by Forbes magazine. October 10, 2006, was declared Tom Cruise Day in JapanJune 2, 2022

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